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BODE’S T-walls are available in 10 foot, 12’6″  and 16′ heights

1,800 lineal feet of T-walls


Moxie, WA


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BODE'S Precast
16' T-walls in McMinnville, OR L-walls & T-walls in Moxie, WA
The size of your bunker will depend on the amount of silage you need to store.

A minimum removal rate of 6" per day is recommended to keep the feed fresh.

Feeding 24 pounds of dry matter per cow per day requires 3.2 square feet of bunker area.


The ideal fill height is level with the sidewalls.
Fill should never exceed the sidewall height by more than 2 feet.
Each additional 6″ adds approximately 4% to the total compacted weight of the silage.
At 2 feet over the sidewall, total weight is increased by 67 tons in a 30′ x 50′ bunker; 472 tons in a 150′ x 70′ bunker.