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Bode's PrecastIn addition to manufacturing top quality products that meet or exceed current specifications,  Bode’s Precast strives to protect the environment!

Several years ago when we started a search for property to build our precast plant, we purposefully chose property READ MORE…

Our product lines include Retaining Walls, Septic Tanks, Bunkers, Wall panels, Planters, Benches, Firepits and Fences.

We serve customers in Whatcom County, Skagit County, Island County and San Juan County.

For over four decades, Bodes Precast has been committed to providing excellent service and quality products at competitive prices.  We know our customers are our first priority and we strive to provide the best service available to contractors and homeowners, commercial or residential projects.




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  • LOOKS:  unlimited design possibilities created in a quality-controlled environment by a dedicated work force.
  • BRAINS:  It saves you money before you build because it’s a preconstructed product; during the build because it requires less labor; after the build because it costs less to maintain.
  • BRAWN:  It’s a proven durable material that will last beyond a lifetime!

Bode’s Precast can manufacture custom-made products built specifically for your project and provides superior after-sales service.


BODE’S Precast Concrete is a member of the following associations:


National Precast Concrete Association




OrnameOrnament.Precast.smntal Concrete Producers Association





Building Industry Assoc. of Whatcom County


Lynden Chamber of Commerce

Retaining Wall Installation

Redi-Rock installs like a one-ton Lego, and who doesn’t love playing with Legos? Each massive, one-ton block has a knob and groove design that makes retaining walls fast and easy to install. All that’s required is a small excavator and a 1-2 person crew. With 5.75 sq. ft. of face per block, walls go up fast—plus, the design of the blocks allows for curved walls, 90 degree corners and much more to make a custom wall simple to install.

With fork slots for easy loading and unloading during retaining wall construction, you’ll be glad you chose Redi-Rock for your project!


1861 E Pole Road

Everson, WA


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